This week as part of the continuing improvement of Office 365, Microsoft announced the availability of Office for iPad.

Office for iPad is here !

Office for iPad is finally here. That means you can now use an iPad as a business tool. (well kind of)Office for iPad

You can now download touch-optimized, tablet-specific versions of Microsoft's Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from the App Store and view or present Office documents.

For too long users have tried to make the iPad a useful business tool but the various versions of document editing and spreadsheets apps available were never familiar, required some re-education and then there were file compatibility issues.

Today users can open and edit documents created in Word, Excel and PowerPoint directly from their company SharePoint site or Skydrive.  These files can also be saved locally on the iPad.

The apps launched on Friday morning 28th of March and as at today they are already in the top sellers list.

The good news here is that all of our customer that have a current Office 365 subscription can use the apps for free as it requires a subscription.

Quite often customers have asked our staff as to which tablet we recommend and too be honest I have never been a fan of the iPad for various reasons and the lack of Office was a strong one.  Office Online (previously called Office Web Apps bridged this gap), although my personal preference is still a Microsoft surface as it is a true business tool giving me the full versions of Office 2013 Professional Plus along with all the other tools that I use on my desktop or laptop.

Anyone who lives and breathes Microsoft Office on the desktop or online will feel instantly at home in Office for iPad. Not only is each app thoughtfully designed, it's made to work with other Office clients and services. With OneDrive personal and business built right in, all the sharing and collaborative tools you already use are built right in. And if you already subscribe to Office 365, it's a no brainer.

Office on an iPad (below)

  Office on an iPad

Office 2103 Professional Plus on a Microsoft Surface (below) notice the familiar and fully featured ribbon.