Lync FAQ

  • Is Lync like Skype?
  • Yes, Lync provides you with audio and video calling, web conferencing and internet chat (or internet messaging (IM).

    Lync is fully integrated with Microsoft Exchange so you can see and manage all your contacts easily. It also offers presence management – so you can indicate to your contacts whether you are busy/available/offline, helping to reduce ‘telephone tennis’.

  • How many people can attend a Lync call?
  • Up to 250 participants 

  • Do Conference Attendees need to be Office 365/Lync Subscribers?
  • No, anyone can attend all they need is access to the internet

  • Are there Mobile Apps available for Lync?
  • Yes, There is a Lync app for Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad and Android

  • Are Lync conversations stored anywhere?
  • Yes they are stored in a conversation history folder within Outlook for easy reference