SharePoint FAQ

  • What if I’m offline? Can I still access my Sharepoint documents?
  • Yes, SharePoint data can be stored locally on your PC, for easy access even when you’re offline. Next time you are online, changed documents will be synchronised with the server. 

  • Do I need to have Exchange Online and Lync Online to use SharePoint?
  • No, you can purchase SharePoint Online as a standalone solution but because of its integration with Exchange Online and Lync Online, Microsoft sells SharePoint within a package at a more economical price.

  • What are the benefits of using SharePoint versus a File Server to manage my documents?
  • SharePoint is a feature rich and easy to use content management system that includes a long list of capabilities but at its core, here are a few of the key points that make SharePoint better than just using a file server to store and manage your documents:

    1. SharePoint allows you to access to your documents from anywhere and provides security features that can let you easily control who has access to what information. 
    2. SharePoint also makes it easy to find documents and information with its contextual search feature, decreasing the amount of time spent on looking for the right document, or version of document. 
    3. SharePoint makes it easy for you to share and collaborate on documents, ensuring that you are always working on the most updated version and that you are always aware of who has made what changes and when.
    4. With SharePoint, you don’t need a backup solution or redundant server solution.  SharePoint is managed by Microsoft and the data is backed up across 6 data centres worldwide.
  • Can I setup SharePoint to support users who are external to my organisation like suppliers and/or customers, so they can access private information?
  • Yes, SharePoint makes it very easy to setup sites (sub-sites) that are secure but accessible to external users outside of your organisation.

  • Can I use SharePoint with my iPad, Android or Windows tablet?
  • Yes, you can.  You can access SharePoint with all the latest browsers but also SharePoint has mobile applications that you can download for your tablet.