The Process

  • Step 1 – Choosing the Right Office 365 Plan
  • The first step in deciding to move to the cloud and Office 365 is determining the right Office 365 license type for your organisation.  Microsoft Office 365 has a variety of plan types which bundle your email with other services like Lync and SharePoint or even bundle in Office 2013 Professional Plus.  You can mix and match plan types giving you the flexibility to assign users to plans based on their role within the organisation.  Contact C2C and we can advise on the plan type that makes the most sense for you.

    What Information do I need to provide C2C to complete this step?

    1. Total # of users in your organisation

    2. Type of users

    Segmenting your users as Full time, Part time, Contractor and/or Deskless users can make it easy to determine what type of Office 365 plan type each user needs.  For example a deskless or part time user that doesn’t use email very much or may just need to occasionally access email and company information can use one of the Office 365 Kiosk plans.   These plans can start as low as $3.00 per user per month.

    Do I need to upgrade to Office 2013? 

    If some of your users are either on different Office versions or very old versions of Office, it might be time for you to consider an upgrade or software refresh for your Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access).  Office 365 provides plan types where included in the plan type is a subscription to Office 2013 Professional Plus.  Some of these plan types with Office 2013 included are priced as low as $16.50 per user per month.  This price also includes Exchange Online, Lync Online and SharePoint Online.

    DOWNLOAD a Quick Guide to all the different Office 365 plans >>

  • Step 2 – Office 365 Compatibility and Review
  • Once you have decided on the plan types you want, C2C will work with you to ensure that your current systems and network will be compatible with Office 365.

    What Information do I need to provide to C2C to complete this step?

    • Type of computers being used (PC or MAC)
    • Operating System for each computer (Windows XP, Vista, 7, etc.)
    • Number of locations and Network type at each location
    • Microsoft Office versions (2003, 2007, 2010, etc.)

    As part of C2C’s service offering, C2C can provide network speed tests and system auditing to report back to you on your systems, their specifications and whether or not they meet the minimum Office 365 requirements.

    DOWNLOAD the Office 365 Minimum Specifications >>

  • Step 3 - Ordering your Office 365 licenses through Telstra T-Suite
  • C2C provides this as part of their migration service and sets up a Telstra T-Suite account for you.  Microsoft Office 365 for small to midsize organisations is only available through Telstra and therefore to purchase Microsoft Office 365 licenses, you need to have a Telstra -Suite account.

    Why do I need to purchase my Office 365 licenses through Telstra? 

    Currently Telstra has an exclusive relationship with Microsoft to offer Office 365 to small and midsize businesses.  Through this arrangement Telstra provides the billing services and some free technical Office 365 support.  For complex technical issues, Telstra relies on partners like C2C Online to do the heavy lifting but Telstra’s T-Suite support can provide you with some technical assistance.

    What Information do I need to provide to C2C to complete this step?

    Credit Card details for Telstra T-Suite billing


    If you have a Telstra Account and you would like us to put your monthly Office 365 charges on your existing Telstra bill, we would need your Telstra account details.

    Please contact us if you'd like to discuss your options.

  • Step 4 - Setting Up Your Microsoft Office 365 Admin Account and Portal
  • Once your Telstra Tsuite licenses have been ordered and approved, C2C will receive the login details to your new Microsoft Office 365 Admin portal.  C2C will then use this log in to setup all your users in your Office 365 portal.

    What Information do I need to provide to C2C to complete this step?

    • List of users and email addresses
    • Any shared calendar or distribution list requirements
    • Email alias information

    or just

    • Access to your existing mail service

    To make this step easier on you, C2C can export this information from your existing mail system and provide you with a list for review and confirmation.  If you are using POP email, C2C will provide you with a template to fill out.

  • Step 5 - DNS Management
  • To ensure that your Domain is known to the Internet and a legitimate domain, Microsoft requires that you verify your domain with Microsoft before you can start using Office 365.  C2C completes the domain verification process for you as well as ensures that your DNS host will support the records required to use and move to Office 365.

    What Information do I need to provide to C2C to complete this step?

    • Log in details to your DNS Host provider

    If you do not know who your DNS host is, C2C can do a DNS look up for you. Please contact us if we can help. 

  • Step 6 – Choose your Office 365 Cutover Date
  • Now that your Office 365 accounts have been setup and your domain is verified, we can now choose a date to cut over from your old email service to your new one.  There are many factors to consider when choosing this date and time:

    • Downtime for end users
      Although cutover from one service to another is fairly immediate (C2C always advises about 30 minutes for your new Office 365 email service to be up and running and receiving emails after the cutover time), it may take a while for the historical email from your old service to move to your new Office 365 account.
    • Size of historical email file
      Depending on the size of your organisation’s email store and your network, C2C will provide an estimate on how long it will take to migrate your data.  This estimate will then give you the information you need to book a time when you would like the migration to take place.  Typically C2C completes the migration of historical email data over a weekend.
  • Step 7 - Communicating to your End Users
  • Now that your date has been chosen, we can start communicating to your end users.  Depending on your internal resources, C2C can either start communicating directly to your team or C2C can provide you with the Communications Plan and content to distribute to your staff yourself.  Our communications cover everything from why the organisation has chosen Office 365 to the benefits of using Office 365.  Our communications ensure that everyone has all the information they need to make the transition to Office 365 as seamless as possible.

    Here is a summary of what our communications include:

    • Office 365 Benefits
    • Cutover Date
    • Instructions for logging into Office 365 for the first time from Outlook, Web Portal and Mobile device
    • Who to call with questions
    • C2C 24/7 Support Details
  • Step 8 – Email Migration Begins
  • Even before your Office 365 cutover date (the date you start receiving email into your new Office 365 account), C2C can start migrating your historical email data to Office 365.  We typically start migrating your historical email data before the cutover date, especially if your organisation has a very large data store and there might be some network bandwidth limitations.  

    C2C manages and controls how much data moves across to Office 365 at any given time and C2C has the tools to ensure that all of your data transfers securely and completely.

  • Step 9 – Email Cutover to Office 365
  • Once we have access to your DNS, your accounts have been set up and the communications have been sent out, we can now cut you over to Office 365.  Although this step is very important and if not done correctly can be very disruptive to your email and business, usually this step takes less than 30 minutes.

    After this step is complete, users can now log into their new Office 365 account using the instructions provided in the communications plan.

  • Step 10 – Support and Training
  • By this point, you are now using Office 365.  You are receiving and sending email as you always did and there have been no interruptions to your work day. All is good, but what if you don’t understand something because it does look a little different to what you had before, or what if you are having trouble setting up your mobile to receive emails? 

    No problem because C2C provide 30 days of free Office 365 support after your email cutover date.  This means any loose ends not covered prior to the cutover date - like adding an alias or adding a user to a distribution group – this can all be handled right away by C2C’s support staff, available 24/7 for 30 days after your migration.

    C2C can also provide training services.  This includes training for your IT admin to support all your Adds, Moves and Changes for Office 365 going forward, or we can even provide end user training so you can ensure that all your users are taking advantage of everything that Office 365 has to offer.

    >> More information on our Support Services